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Our goal is to get you published, distributed and recognized.

In the good old days of publishing you could mail the synopsis of a book you wanted to write to an editor and if he, and they were all he’s back then, liked it you received an advance large enough to pay your bills for the time it took to write the book. The editor would take you under his wing and work with you until the book was as good as it was going to get. If it was good enough you had a best seller.

Something happened: all those really good editors retired and publishing became big business. The time it took for an editor to work with an author was expensive “overhead.” Publishers demanded finished, polished, best-selling only please, manuscripts. You could still send a finished manuscript to an “acquisitions editor” and he (they were mostly still he’s) would give it a thumbs up or down if he read it at all. Mostly they didn’t bother with manuscripts sent in “over the transom” they preferred to have their manuscripts vetted by agents they knew.

Something happened: Agents became the editors for publishers, taking a percentage of the royalties in payment. Good agents, the ones that publishers trusted, became overworked and reading manuscripts sent in “over the transom” became expensive “overhead.” You had to know someone who knew someone who had the ear of an agent just to get read. Some agents demanded a “reading fee” just to look at your manuscript and they still took a percentage of your royalties … if they represented you at all.

With the Internet and modern technology it is relatively easy to become your own publisher. Manuscripts can be created and edited electronically, formatted electronically and published, marketed and sold without ever leaving your desk. Any author can become a publisher and many have. Most writers, however, prefer to be writers not publishers. Many small publishers really prefer to be editors. That’s where we come in.

We are not author’s agents although we will help you find one. We are editors, writers and artists for hire. Work should be submitted electronically via email. We know how to read the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word 2000 format
  • Open Office
  • Rich Text Format
  • ascii text
  • Ask us if your work is in a strange format

Note we will read PDF formatted documents but in-document comments will not be available.

Editorial (suggested) options:

  1. Unbiased reading of your MS with suggestions and opinion returned – $4.00 per page reading fee, $300 minimum. We’ll tell you if your project has any legs, what strengths and weaknesses it has and what we think can be done with it.
  2. Story synopsis evaluation or poem critique - $100 per collection of 20 poems or outline and one chapter of a fiction or non-fiction book.
  3. Developmental & Content editing - $10.00 per page (double-spaced in 12 point Times Roman – 2 readings) or $75 per hour
  4. Story conference via telephone – up to six hours over a six-month period - $75 per hour - starting at $300.
  5. Copyediting - $5.00 per page (double spaced, 12 pt. Times Roman)
  6. Ghostwriting, rewriting, query letters, fiction synopsis, non-fiction proposals, rewriting, and author mentoring (per project)
  7. Solicitation of Authors Agents, editors and publishers (per project)
  8. MS preparation - $75 per hour