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This is what most people think of as publishing, the actual printing of the book, warehousing and order fulfillment. It is all those things but it’s also the age-old craft of designing the book, designing the cover, indexing the contents, editing for content, spelling and grammar as well as assisting the promotion of the book to bookstores, libraries and the general public once the book is printed. Here is a list of the things we can do for you:

  1. Interior Book Design - $75 per hour ($6.75 per page text, starting at $7.50 per page with illustrations)
  2. Cover Design - $100 and up depending on design and illustrator
  3. Scanning, photo-retouching, etc. extra (per project)
  4. Uploading to printer per printer’s specification at $75 per hour.
  5. Proof review & correction - $75 per hour.
  6. Indexing – per project
  7. Pre-Production market planning – Before a book can be published galley’s must be sent to select reviewers. These reviews are the source of blurbs for the book jackets, marketing material and serve as inducements to major magazines to review the work before publication. Finding just the right reviewer and market may take considerable effort.
    1. Galley prints for review (project dependent)
    2. Targeted market research (project dependent)
    3. Soliciting reviews for blurbs (project dependent)
    4. Obtaining independent reviews (Kirkus review, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, etc.) – Project dependent
    5. Pre-publication review placement & author interviews
  8. Promotion package (market dependent)
    1. Collateral: postcards, book markers, flyers, posters, business cards
    2. Targeted press releases (professionally written and distributed)
    3. Press kit
    4. Web site
  9. ISBN & Library of Congress, CIP & Copyright registration
  10. Printing & Fulfillment (time and material)
    1. Through Ingram/Lightning
    2. Through Lulu
    3. Conventional publishing
    4. Other distribution channels (Barns & Nobel, Amazon etc)
    5. Private fulfillment

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