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Your book isn’t going to be an overnight best seller just because you toiled for years over it and everyone that’s read it loves it. It’s going to be a best seller unless because you promote it, market it and sell it in every nook and cranny.

  1. Pre publication promotion – Publishing a book is a lot more than just printing copies.
    1. MS preparation (editorial assistance)
    2. Galleys printed
    3. Pre-publication reviews, blurbs & Buzz!
    4. Marketing to authors agents, Synopsis, letters, proposals
    5. Marketing directly to publishers
  2. Post publication and ongoing Marketing – After the book has been published it has to be marketed. Great reviews aren’t very helpful if the reading public never sees them.
    1. Collateral: postcards, book markers, flyers, posters, business cards
    2. Press kit (both online and print)
    3. Authors Web site with Google ad-words promotion & direct ordering service
    4. Targeted press releases (professionally written and distributed)
    5. Advertising in targeted media
    6. Reviews placed in Syndicated blogs
    7. Direct mail to target lists
    8. Trade show representation
    9. Secondary market review planning & placement
    10. Book signing tour
    11. Public speaking coaching
      • Radio & TV appearances
      • Podcasts
    1. Author syndication and excerpts
    2. Ongoing marketing
      • Placement in online book stores
      • Placement with distributors
      • Specialty stores
      • Book clubs
      • Specialty catalogs
      • Promotional product companies
      • Corporations and associations who give away books as sales promotions
      • Schools who use books as textbooks
    1. Wilderness House Literary Review

Our fees are $75 per hour for most services. Each project is carefully planned to fit within your budget.